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Showbox Not Working
Showbox connection error

Why is the Showbox not working? 

If you face not working the Showbox app properly, you will probably still use the older version of the App. The application has already passed many past versions, and the latest version is 5.36V APK.

So please check your APK version as soon, and if you still have an older version, less than 5.36, then upgrade your App. we already provided all the latest versions of the Showbox app for your android and iOS phone. You can go to our official download page and install the newest version on your Smartphone.

Fore more details :

What happened to Showbox?

Showbox app had a problem and a short downtime period in July 2020. But now, you can download the latest bug-free APK file to your iPhone or Android Smartphone as past and enjoy watching movies.


Showbox connection error?

App disconnecting error is the most common error on the Showbox app. The reason is a low strength internet connection. You should have a strong internet connection to watch movies online.

If your connection is strong, then you should uninstall the current app file from your mobile phone and clear the APP cache. Once you remove the cache correctly, then you need to install the latest version of Showbox apk.

Is downloading movies on ShowBox legal?

No. Showbox is a free moving streaming app, and it is not a film store. So you can download Showbox without any problem to your latest Smartphone.

If you are concerned about why this App is not available on the play store, you may know some apps are not available on the Google play store, and it is not a legal matter. From time to time, the play store removing and again adding apps to the App Store.


Where can one download the latest Showbox apk?

You can download the latest APK file on the Showbox official download page on our website. We already updated all the latest versions of Showbox APK files.

If you are iPhone or iMac user, then you should download the 5.36v file instead of 5.30. The reason is lower versions are not working with iOS devices.

Is Showbox app Legal in India?

Yes. You can use this movie streaming app without hesitation in India. India’s government banned apps like TikTok, but they not banned Showbox or did not take any legal action against this App.


Is Showbox on iOS the same as Android Showbox?

Yes. You should download the apk file to your iOS device and then install it properly. If you are an iPhone user, then there is no particular file for iDevice users. You can read our guide and learn how to install apk file for iOS devices.

Why are my Showbox movies buffering

Why are my Showbox movies buffering?

If you face any buffering issue when you watch movies or TV collections, you need to check your internet connection strength.

Showbox App requires a fast net Data transferring method to continue fast downloading movies to your Smartphone. So if you face a buffing problem, that means downloading speed is not sufficient to download data to your mobile.

On the other hand, if you are using many mobile Apps that consume more data, that might be a problem because your background running apps are not allowing Showbox to download more Data.

So if you continuously face this problem, you should check your mobile App data-consuming usage properly before opening the Showbox application.


Is Showbox legal in the UK?

Yes, still we did not found any official document about Showbox banned. Many countries are banned TikTok, but no government banned the Showbox application. Online movie streaming app is not banned from any country.

How do I install Showbox on my iPhone?

To install the Showbox application to your latest iPhone, you need to download the APK file to your Smartphone. After that, you need to go to the setting tab and allow the unknown files.

After you allow the unknown file,  APK file is ready to install on your phone. Clear your cache and safari browser history before getting download the App.

After that:

Go to the setting page on your iPhone.

Click the background app refresh option on the list.

Turn ON Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Now your iPhone is ready to install the application.

iPhone X,iPhone 8, iPhone 5,iPhone 6,iPhone SE,iPhone 7, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S,iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 plus,iPhone 6S plus,iPhone 7 Plus

iPod touch

iPad 4, iPad Mini 4,iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro (9.7 , 12.9 inch), iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Note: – Showbox Application is officially available for Android and iOS (iPad/ iPod Touch/iPhone) platforms. It is entirely accessible to PC/Laptop & Mac using the third-party Android emulators.


What are the best movies from Showbox?

Showbox is not only streaming one movie through the App. You can watch all the latest movies and TV series through the shoebox App easily. If any movie or TV series is getting a trend, you can no doubt find that through the application.

How does ShowBox work?

Showbox is an online movie streaming application, and it has more than a thousand movies and tv shows. Showbox does not download or store any film or tv series.


What is the latest version of Showbox?

The latest Apk version is 5.36, and you can download that newest file from our official download page. If you are already using an older version, you should uninstall it before the latest apk download.